Apophysitis calcanei

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Effects of a specially designed insole for the treatment of apophysitis calcanei
Apophysitis calcanei is a disability mainly affecting young boys. The condition limits free display. An insole that raises the heel would make the patient free of pain.

Evaluate the effects of such purpose built insoles.
Material and Method:
10 boys from 10-13 years old with apofysitis calcanei were given such an insole. It should be used throughout the day including for sport. The boys were all contacted by telephone after two weeks.

A year later they received questionnaires about their symptoms.
All 10 patients were able immediately to play football. A year later 9 were free of any symptoms and were running about without any difficulty. One patient had stopped using his insole after six months. He soon had a relapse. He was given a replacement and was then totally free of any symptom 6 month later.